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BIOROCK® was established in 1988 and is now an internationally acclaimed and experienced company leading in (compact) sewage water treatment technology.  BIOROCK® has a total solution concept to deliver the best results: our own R & D, manufacturing facilities and worldwide sales & technical support network.

The BIOROCK® product range can be used to clean sewage from a single house up-to public restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping malls, Safari Lodges and other facilities.

Advantage of Biorock WWTP.

  • Low Maintenance.
  • Can be used with out ESB depending on site criteria ( if polishing filter required then it must be pumped). A pump may have to be fitted in some circumstances but no other mechanical part form part of the Biorock Unit.
  • No replacement mechanical parts required.
  • Excellent effluent results.
  • No need to replace peat filters after a number of years.
  • 15 year guarantee.
  • Excellent customer service back up.

BIOROCK® has established a global dealer network, selling to thousands customers worldwide (> 75 countries). The unique-simple concept & support provided by BIOROCK® distributors have ensured that our brand & Global Team are well-respected and well-known throughout the globe.

Our team of waste water experts are unrivalled in the waste water treatment industry. BIOROCK® is a company fuelled by a dedicated team with years of operational experience in waste watertreatment. Their energy and a close working relationship with our global dealer network have enabled growth into new services- solutions- markets and innovative solutions. The next generation of waste water technology, in line with worldwide environmental legislation – enabled by our clear vision in this ever-changing market – will be lead by the global leaders of compact sewage treatment – BIOROCK®.

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully completed a matrix of different solutions to our clients waste water treatment & recycling needs, thishas placed us at the forefront of the waste water solutions market around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a leading solution to domestic waste water problems. BIOROCK® has developed a global network of qualified technical partners to support our customers. With the BIOROCK® solution, purified water can be discharged into surface wateror reused for irrigation. The key to oursuccess is our collaborative approach tostrategy development.

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