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July 31, 2015
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Its not a glamour’s job, but a necessary one. With septic tanks / WwTP’s  being inspected since 2014 by local authorities, there are more reason why you should desludge ( empty & clean) your on site septic tank or waste water treatment plant. As the waste enters the unit, it is broken down by various

October 7, 2013
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This leaflet has been issued by the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government. Background The Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 provides for the introduction of a registration and inspection system for domestic wastewater treatment systems, including septic tanks and similar systems. It was introduced to address the European Court of Justice ruling against

July 1, 2013
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Inspectors from the Environmental Protection Agency will be calling to homes across the country within weeks to assess the condition of Ireland’s septic tanks. Almost 90 per cent of households served by private on-site sewage treatment systems have now registered their tanks with their local authorities. The introduction of the national inspection programme stops the clock on